“We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ unique circumstances and objectives and work tirelessly to help them achieve their goals and make their lives easier”

We provide family office services to a select group of clients, many of whom are entrepreneurs and executives who have undergone or are planning a liquidity event, business exit or succession and are looking for assistance with:

Preserving wealth. We emphasize strategies designed to provide down-side mitigation while offering up-side opportunity.

Cash flow and tax efficiency. We structure our investment recommendations to help preserve our clients’ lifestyle, striving to provide steady, reliable cash flow while mitigating taxes.

Transferring values and wealth. Our team is supported by a group of unaffiliated advisors including estate planning attorneys and counselors in family dynamics. They help us create strategies designed to accomplish our clients’ personal, financial and social goals.

Protecting wealth. We can help protect clients from catastrophic loss, potential creditors, litigants and identity thieves.

Creating additional wealth. Many of our clients are serial entrepreneurs. We add value when they are looking to raise capital, meet potential customers, contact appropriate professionals, etc.

Philanthropy. We help clients fulfill their charitable goals with great impact.