How We Manage Wealth


Wealth management is more than investing. We have identified five categories of financial decisions that impact our clients’ ultimate success:



Wealth Preservation
Wealth Enhancement
Wealth Transfer
Wealth Protection
Wealth Sharing


We address each of these areas in a systematic and comprehensive manner. To facilitate this holistic approach, we tap the expertise of a core group of unaffiliated professionals:


  • Family dynamics advisors
  • Business valuation professionals
  • Control and restricted securities professionals
  • Income tax planning professionals*
  • Estate planning lawyers*
  • Lending strategists*
  • Portfolio analysts with expertise in traditional and alternative assets as well as
  • derivatives and tax sensitive investing Philanthropy advisors
  • Insurance professionals

In addition, we will work as appropriate with our clients’ existing professional advisors.

*Tax, legal and banking services are not offered through Raymond James Financial Services or Steward Partners.



Our Consultative Process

To ensure that we can add value to a prospective client and that we are a good fit for each other, we follow a carefully defined process that involves a number of specific steps:

At the Discovery Meeting, we discuss a prospective client’s current financial situation, financial and other goals and any obstacles that may stand in his or her way of reaching those goals. We also ask detailed questions on key nonfinancial issues, such as values, interests, important relationships and any preferences he or she may have as to the nature and frequency of communication with his or her advisors. If at the end of this meeting, we believe we can help a person and that we are a good match for one another, we will proceed to the next step or we will refer the person to another advisor who we believe is better suited to his or her needs.

At the Investment Plan Meeting, we present a complete diagnostic of the prospective client’s current financial situation and a plan for working toward his or her wealth preservation-related goals. We also address any preliminary questions and then send the person home to study and think about our plan

At the Mutual Commitment Meeting, we will answer any remaining questions and assuming that we have a meeting of the minds, we formally decide to work together.

At the 45-Day Follow-up Meeting, this usually takes place about six weeks after the Mutual Commitment Meeting, we help our client organize the paperwork from the new accounts that have been opened and answer any questions he or she may have.

At the Regular Progress Meetings, which are typically held quarterly, we report on progress toward our client’s goals and check in on any important changes in his or her life that might call for adjustments in the investment plan. In addition, at the first Regular Progress Meeting, we present a wealth management plan—a comprehensive blueprint for addressing a client’s advanced planning needs that we developed in coordination with our network of professionals and/or his or her other advisors. At subsequent progress meetings, we decide together how to proceed on specific elements of the wealth management plan. In this way, every aspect of a client’s financial picture is effectively managed over time.